Discover Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade filming locations

15 locations in Almería, Amman and Blenheim

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

In 1938, an art collector appeals to eminent archaeologist Dr. Indiana Jones to embark on a search for the Holy Grail. Indy learns that a medieval historian has vanished while searching for it, and the missing man is his own father, Dr. Henry Jones Sr.. He sets out to rescue his father by following clues in the old man's notebook, which his father had mailed to him before he went missing. Indy arrives in Venice, where he enlists the help of a beautiful academic, Dr. Elsa Schneider, along with Marcus Brody and Sallah. Together they must stop the Nazis from recovering the power of eternal life and taking over the world!
Steven Spielberg
Alison Doody
Stefan Kalipha
Luke Hanson
Eugene Lipinski
Roy Beck
Richard Young
Nicola Scott
Isla Blair
Jerry Harte
Suzanne Roquette
Ronald Lacey
Peter Diamond
Vernon Dobtcheff
Albert Evansky
Robert Eddison
Julian Glover
Martin Gordon
River Phoenix
Harrison Ford
Pat Roach
David Murray
Lee Richards
Julie Eccles
Michael Byrne
Bradley Gregg
Ted Grossman
John Rhys-Davies
Louis Sheldon
Sean Connery
Peter Pacey
Alex Hyde-White
George Malpas
Graham Cole
Graeme Crowther
Billy J. Mitchell
Wayne Michaels
Paul Humpoletz
Tim Hiser
Nina Armstrong
Alexei Sayle
Derek Lyons
Michael Sheard
Tom Branch
Hugh Elton
Dickey Beer
Kevork Malikyan
Martin Grace
Paul Markham
Denholm Elliott
Vince Deadrick Sr.
Larry Sanders
Chris Webb
Paul Heasman
Marc Miles
Paul Maxwell
Will Miles
Frederick Jaeger
J.J. Hardy
Jeff O'Haco
Chris Jenkinson
Freddie Hice
Steven Lambert
Philip Kaufman
Jim Dowdall
Douglas Slocombe
Richard Hymns
Joan Bradshaw
Peter Howitt
Michael Gleason
Vic Armstrong
Julián Mateos
Patrick Kinney
David Tomblin
Joss Williams
Sandina Bailo-Lape
Melissa Taylor
Robert Watts
Joanna Johnston
Michele Tandy
Eddie Powell
Mike Fenton
Paul Beeson
David H. Watkins
Lee Cleary
Russell McEntyre
Robert L. Stevenson
Menno Meyjes
Anthony Powell
Wayne Toth
Mark White
Tip Tipping
Terry Pritchard
Elliot Scott
Stephen Scott
Steve Kelso
George Lucas
Gene Kearney
Judy Taylor
Roy Button
Tom Stoppard
Michael Kahn
Patricia Carr
Nick Gillard
Valorie Massalas
John Williams
Arthur F. Repola
E. Larry Oatfield
Zoltan Elek
Ian Bryce
Maggie Cartier
Steven Spielberg
Jeffrey Boam
Michael D. Moore
Artist W. Robinson
Dennis Maguire
Frank Marshall
Ben Burtt
Tony Cridlin
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade filming locations