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Last Chance Harvey

In London for his daughter's wedding, a struggling jingle-writer, Harvey Shine, misses his plane to New York, and thus loses his job. While drowning his sorrows in the airport pub, Harvey meets Kate, a British government worker stuck in an endless cycle of work, phone calls from her mother, and blind dates. A connection forms between the unhappy pair, who soon find themselves falling in love.
Joel Hopkins
Mickey Sumner
Jemma Bolt
Jamie Sives
Tim Howar
Richard Schiff
Angela Griffin
Femi Oguns
James Brolin
Heather Bleasdale
Alex Avery
Ginny Holder
Eileen Atkins
Pascal Scott
Noah Marullo
Adam Astill
Jeremy Sheffield
Robert Jezek
Liane Balaban
Michael Landes
Adam James
Charlotte Lucas
Patrick Baladi
Emma Thompson
Dustin Hoffman
Leslie Randall
Kathy Baker
Kate Harper
Daniel Lapaine
Nadia Cameron-Blakey
Tolula Adeyemi
Tim Ahern
Bronagh Gallagher
Imogen Byron
Gaia Wise
Wendy Mae Brown
Nicola Usborne
Robin Sales
John de Borman
Tim Perell
Ali Farrell
Dickon Hinchliffe
Joel Hopkins
Elaine Grainger
Laura Rosenthal
Last Chance Harvey filming locations

Last Chance Harvey film locations

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