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A light hearted comedy about the beginnings of Professional American Football. When a decorated war hero and college all star is tempted into playing professional football. Everyone see the chance to make some big money, but when a reporter digs up some dirt on the war hero... everyone could lose out.
Ryan Shively
Kyle Nudo
Bobby Jordan
Jonathan Pryce
Lance Barber
Tommy Hinkley
David de Vries
Marian Seldes
Nick Paonessa
Mark Teich
Dylan Kussman
Bill Roberson
Heather Goldenhersh
Keith Loneker
JD Cullum
Matt Bushell
Dave Hager
Rick Forrester
Windy Wenderlich
Jason Drago
Hi Bedford-Roberson
Mike O'Malley
Nicholas Bourdages
Renée Zellweger
Max Casella
Tim Griffin
Jack Thompson
Wayne Duvall
Christian Stolte
Thomas Francis Murphy
Malcolm Goodwin
Robert Baker
John Krasinski
Stephen Root
Danny Vinson
Jeffrey Silver
Stephen Mirrione
Newton Thomas Sigel
Andrew Petrotta
Susan Dudeck
Ed Cathell III
Curt Schulkey
James D. Bissell
Melinda Sue Gordon
Stephen Hunter Flick
Bob Beher
Duncan Brantley
Aaron Vexler
John Joseph Thomas
Jonathan Klein
Ellen Chenoweth
Jill Brown
Kira Roessler
Bob Chefalas
Geoff Shotz
G. A. Aguilar
Aaron Glascock
Barbara A. Hall
Casey Silver
Rachel Tenner
Scott Ritenour
Jan Pascale
Robert F. Newmyer
Christopher Flick
Christa Munro
George Clooney
Diane H. Newman
Michael Babcock
Rick Reilly
Edward Tise
Vanessa Lapato
Randy Newman
Grant Heslov
Sydney Pollack
Leatherheads filming locations

Leatherheads film locations

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