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Love Happens

Dr. Burke Ryan is a successful self-help author and motivational speaker with a secret. While he helps thousands of people cope with tragedy and personal loss, he secretly is unable to overcome the death of his late wife. It's not until Burke meets a fiercely independent florist named Eloise that he is forced to face his past and overcome his demons.
Anne Marie DeLuise
Martin Sheen
Brandon Jay McLaren
Joe Anderson
Darla Fay
Judy Greer
Ellie Harvie
Aaron Eckhart
Dan Fogler
Maxine Miller
Tom Pickett
Michelle Harrison
Sasha Alexander
Frances Conroy
Alessandro Juliani
Randall Newsome
Michael Kopsa
Tyler McClendon
Elfina Luk
Jennifer Aniston
Clyde Kusatsu
Patricia Harras
Deirdre Blades
John Carroll Lynch
Rekha Sharma
Tim Henry
Stewart Whelan
Ryan Kavanaugh
Scott Stuber
Richard Solomon
Jennifer L. Smith
Dana E. Glauberman
Christopher Young
Eugene Mazzola
Deborah Aquila
John MacCarthy
J. Miles Dale
Brandon Camp
Sharon Seymour
Eric Alan Edwards
Mike Thompson
Tricia Wood
Alexa Faigen
Love Happens filming locations

Love Happens film locations