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Love Meetings

Pier Paolo Pasolini sets out to interview Italians about sex, apparently their least favorite thing to talk about in public: he asks children if they know where do babies come from; asks old and young women if they support gender equality; asks both sexes if a woman's virginity still matters, what do they think of homosexuality, if divorce should be legal, or if they support the recent abolition of brothels. He interviews blue-collar workers, intellectuals, college students, rural farmers, the bourgeoisie, and every other kind of people, painting a vivid portrait of a rapidly-industrializing Italy, hanging between modernity and tradition — toward both of which Pasolini shows equal distrust.
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Graziella Granata
Peppino Di Capri
Ignazio Buttitta
Ezio Pascutti
Graziella Chiarcossi
Cesare Musatti
Antonella Lualdi
Oriana Fallaci
Giuseppe Ungaretti
Adele Cambria
Io Appolloni
Lello Bersani
Camilla Cederna
Alberto Moravia
William Negri
Carlo Furlanis
Pier Paolo Pasolini
Mario Bernardo
Alfredo Bini
Carlo Ramundo
Alessandro Ruzzolini
Franco Delli Colli
Angelo Novi
Vittorio Bernini
Francesco Cappelli
Andreina Casini
Tonino Delli Colli
Oscar De Arcangelis
Nino Baragli
Eliseo Boschi
Cesare Fontana
Love Meetings filming locations

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