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5 locations in Helsinki, Lohja and Madrid

Lovers of the Arctic Circle

Otto and Ana are kids when they meet each other. Their names are palindromes. They meet by chance, people are related by chance. A story of circular lives, with circular names, and a circular place where the day never ends in the midnight sun. There are things that never end, and Love is one of them.
Julio Medem
Petri Heino
Outi Alanen
Jaroslav Bielski
Nancho Novo
Najwa Nimri
María Isasi
Kristel Díaz
Sara Valiente
Joost Siedhoff
Rosa Morales
Peru Medem
Víctor Hugo Oliveira
Pep Munné
Beate Jensen
Maru Valdivielso
Fele Martínez
Alberto Iglesias
Fernando Bovaira
Julio Medem
Estíbaliz Markiegi
Gonzalo F. Berridi
Sara Bilbatúa
Iván Aledo
Lovers of the Arctic Circle filming locations