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Modern Times

A bumbling tramp desires to build a home with a young woman, yet is thwarted time and time again by his lack of experience and habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time..
Norman Ainsley
Hank Mann
Russ Powell
Lloyd Ingraham
Frank Moran
Edward LeSaint
Sammy Stein
Mira McKinney
Murdock MacQuarrie
J. C. Nugent
Harry Wilson
Pat Harmon
Tiny Sandford
Louis Natheaux
Heinie Conklin
Bobby Barber
Richard Alexander
Fred Malatesta
Pat Flaherty
Walter James
Chuck Hamilton
Cecil Reynolds
Chester Conklin
Ted Oliver
Bruce Mitchell
Jack Low
James C. Morton
John Rand
Juana Sutton
Buddy Messinger
Gloria DeHaven
Wilfred Lucas
Stanley Blystone
Paulette Goddard
Edward B. Powell
Roland Totheroh
Ira H. Morgan
Henry Bergman
Charles D. Hall
Bud Thackery
Alfred Newman
Jack Wilson
J. Russell Spencer
Carter DeHaven
Frank Maher
Al Ernest Garcia
Charlie Chaplin
Willard Nico
Modern Times filming locations

Modern Times film locations

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