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Mountain Miracle

A girl struggling with asthma is taken to a clinic in South Tyrol to be cured. After some time she decides to get out of this hell (that's how she feels about it) and soon she'll meet a new friend. Together they try to reach the peak of a mountain where, according to an old custom, she can be healed.
Tobias Wiemann
Denis Moschitto
Susanne Bormann
Mia Kasalo
Jerry Hoffmann
Leo Gapp
Pepe Trebs
Christian Lerch
Jasmin Tabatabai
David Bredin
Samuel Girardi
Johannes Sternagel
Natja Brunckhorst
Martin Schlecht
Christina Wagner
Florian Holzner
Ansgar Frerich
Markus Perner
Tobias Kuhn
Philipp Budweg
Uwe Bünker
Martin Rattini
Uve Haussig
Bibiane Oldenburg
Tom Blieninger
Sabine Keller
Tobias Wiemann
Andreas Radtke
Mountain Miracle filming locations

Mountain Miracle film locations

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