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3 locations in Alicante, Buenos Aires and Elche

Night Runner

Eduardo, manager of an insurance company, is under a lot of stress and that's why he runs, especially when he is about to explode. One day, returning from an unsuccessful business trip, he meets a mysterious man at the airport who presents himself as a friend and benefactor and encourages Eduardo to change his life and be free
Gerardo Herrero
Umbra Colombo
Santiago Daicz ...
Juana Daicz ...
Érica Rivas
Miguel Ángel Solá
Magela Zanotta
Roberto Vallejos
Ricardo Díaz Mourelle
Jorge Sabaté
Leonardo Sbaraglia
Marta Lubos
Horacio Acosta
Luciano Cáceres
Manuel Vicente
Alfredo Mayo
Vanessa Ragone
Nicolás Saad
Hugo Burel
Gerardo Herrero
Lucio Godoy
Night Runner filming locations

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