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2 locations in Callowfinish and Vejer de la Frontera

Nothing Personal

Alone in her empty flat, from her window Anne observes the people passing by who nervously snatch up the personal belongings and pieces of furniture she has put out on the pavement. Her final gesture of taking a ring off her finger signals she is leaving her previous life in Holland behind. She goes to Ireland, where she chooses to lead a solitary, wandering existence, striding through the austere landscapes of Connemara. During her travels, she discovers a house that is home to a hermit, Martin.
Urszula Antoniak
Lotte Verbeek
Irene Sanchez
Ann Marie Horan
Jackie Coyne
Fintan Halpenny
Fiona Kelly
Aindrias De Staic
Petey Madigan
Wimie Wilhelm
Tom Charlfa
Paul Ronan
Sean McRonnel
Stephen Rea
Oonagh Kearney
Reinier Selen
Victor Horstink
Sanna Fabery de Jonge
Joost de Wolf
Jan Schermer
Edwin van Meurs
Marly van de Wardt
Noortje Wilschut
Jane English
Macdara Kelleher
Charlie Endean
Morgan Bushe
Arno Willemstein
Urszula Antoniak
Bho Roosterman
Floor Onrust
Nathalie Alonso Casale
Ethan Rose
Daniël Bouquet
Jos van Galen
Nothing Personal filming locations

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