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2 locations in Auckland and East Palo Alto

Once Were Warriors

A drama about a Maori family living in Auckland, New Zealand. Lee Tamahori tells the story of Beth Heke’s strong will to keep her family together during times of unemployment and abuse from her violent and alcoholic husband.
Lee Tamahori
Alan Duff
Rachael Morris Jr.
Robert Pollock
Shannon Williams
Temuera Morrison
Rena Owen
Pete Smith
Calvin Tuteao
Joseph Kairau
George Henare
Mere Boynton
Cliff Curtis
Ray Bishop
Julian Arahanga
Ian Mune
Taungaroa Emile
Mamaengaroa Kerr-Bell
Deirdre Haworth
Robin Scholes
Murray Grindlay
Don Selwyn
Ray Beentjes
Stuart Dryburgh
Alan Duff
Murray McNabb
Michael Kane
Lee Tamahori
Riwia Brown
Michael Horton
Debra East
Once Were Warriors filming locations

Once Were Warriors film locations

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