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One, Two, Three

C.R. MacNamara will do anything to get a promotion within the Coca-Cola company, including looking after boss W.P. Hazeltine's rebellious teenage daughter, Scarlett. When Scarlett visits Berlin, where C.R. is stationed, she reveals that she is married to a communist named Otto Piffl -- and C.R. recognizes that Otto's anti-establishment stance will clash with his boss's own political views, possibly jeopardizing his promotion.
John Allen
Sig Ruman
Otto Friebel
Loïs Bolton
Karl Ludwig Lindt
Liselotte Pulver
Christine Allen
Red Buttons
Horst Buchholz
Karl Lieffen
Jaspar von Oertzen
Helmut Schmid
Peter Capell
Hubert von Meyerinck
Hanns Lothar
Til Kiwe
Pamela Tiffin
John Banner
Rose Renée Roth
Josef Coesfeld
Werner Buttler
Henning Schlüter
Ralf Wolter
Friedrich Hollaender
Gernot Duda
Leon Askin
Arlene Francis
Howard St. John
Max Buchsbaum
Siegfried Dornbusch
Paul Bös
James Cagney
Billy Wilder
André Previn
Doane Harrison
Conrad von Molo
Daniel Mandell
Tom Pevsner
Milt Rice
Basil Fenton-Smith
William A. Calihan Jr.
Richard Carruth
André Smagghe
Heinrich Weidemann
Daniel L. Fapp
Alexandre Trauner
May Wale Brown
Saul Bass
Lothar Winkler
John Brommage
Ferenc Molnár
I. A. L. Diamond
Robert Stratil
Werner Fischer
Del Harris
One, Two, Three filming locations

One, Two, Three film locations

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