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The frustration and vital weariness of Michel des Assantes, a prestigious plastic surgeon in Paris, is unbearable: he has a wife whom he does not love, a son who is foreign to him and friends whom he despises but, at the same time, he is incapable of taking his own life. One day, he buys a bike from a bizarre cyclist who was to make the Paris-Timbuktu route and sets out to make the journey: then, Timbuktu becomes for him the Promised Land.
Michel Piccoli
Antonio Resines
Fedra Lorente
Guillermo Montesinos
Eusebio Lázaro
Enrique San Francisco
Juan Diego
Amparo Soler Leal
Luis Ciges
Concha Velasco
Santiago Segura
Javier Gurruchaga
Sophie Evans
Luis García Berlanga
Hans Burmann
Javier G. Amezua
Bernardo Fuster
Antonio Gómez Rufo
Luis Mendo
Jorge Berlanga
París-Tombuctú filming locations

París-Tombuctú film locations

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