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Pau and His Brother

A death in the family brings a man back to his family and his hometown in this drama. After his brother Alex goes missing under hazy circumstances, Pau gets the bad news that Alex has died after a successful suicide attempt. Pau travels to the village in Spain's Pyrenees mountains where he was born to break the sad news to his mother Merce; hoping to spare her feelings at a difficult time, he tells her that Alex was killed in an auto accident. As Merce mourns the death of her son, she and Pau set out to find Alex's friends and acquaintances and tell them of his sad fate. In their travels, they encounter Sara, Alex's girlfriend, who planned to move away to the city with him; Emil, an engineer who will be putting a highway through the town; Marta, Emil's daughter; and Toni, one of Emil's co-workers. Circumstances bring Pau and Marta together again when Emil disappears, and Marta finds herself searching for her father.
Seraff Tort
Mónica Muñoz
Sonia Martínez
Loïc Savouré
Juan Márquez
Luis Hostalot
Lourdes Pons
Alicia Orozco
Joan Guzmán
Marieta Orozco
David Selvas
María Tort
David Recha
Nathalie Boutefeu
Albert Manera
Àngels Masclans
Ernest Blasi
Toni Xuclà
Antonio Chavarrías
Jacques Bidou
Lucía Faraig
Hélène Louvart
Joaquín Jordá
Marc Recha
Pau and His Brother filming locations

Pau and His Brother film locations

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