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4 locations in Pedraza, San Lorenzo de El Escorial and Segovia

Red Eagle: The Movie

Early XVII century. A summit between France, England, Portugal and the Pope is to take place in Spain, home of the masked hero known as Red Eagle. The countries are coming together under the guise of looking for a solution to the conflict between Spain and Portugal; however, the ulterior motive is to attack the Kingdom of Spain. The Marchioness of Santillana and her fellow conspirators have hired an assassin to finish off the Red Eagle to guarantee the outcome of their plot. The townspeople and the whole kingdom will be at the mercy of the traitors, but the Red Eagle will be there to help them.
José Ramón Ayerra
Miryam Gallego
Mariano Peña
Stany Coppet
David Janer
Patrick Criado
Guillermo Campra
Giselle Calderón
Inma Cuesta
William Miller
Pepa Aniorte
Martina Klein
Antonio Molero
Roberto Álamo
Xabier Elorriaga
Javier Gutiérrez
Francis Lorenzo
Alex Navarro
José Ángel Egido
José Ramón Ayerra
Guillermo Cisneros
Juan Carlos Cueto
Daniel Écija
Pilar Nadal
Carmen O. Carbonero
Ernesto Pozuelo
Juan María Ruiz Córdoba
Red Eagle: The Movie filming locations

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