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2 locations in Castellar del Vallès and Tavertet


"Serrallonga" is the story of a bandit who becomes a legend, in a hard time when the struggle to survive was the main concern of a people enslaved by hunger and with banditry as one of the few exits from misery. Joan Sala, alias Serrallonga, is above all a rebel. Robberies and assaults make him admired by the people and his legend grows unstoppably until the end of his days.
Esteve Rovira
Isak Férriz
Kai Puig
Mark Ullod
Joan Muntal
Ramón Pujol
Ramon Godino
David Selvas
Bea Segura
Núria Gago
Olalla Escribano
Esteve Rovira
Antonio Chavarrías
Josep Rossell
Daniel Aranyó
Maria Gil
Joan Valent
Serrallonga filming locations

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