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Seven Billiard Tables

Angela and her young son Guille travel to the big city to see Leo, her father and the boy's grandfather, when he suddenly takes ill. However, they arrive to discover that he has just passed away. Charo, the dead man's lover, explains the dire traits suffered by the paternal business: a hall with seven billiard tables.
Gracia Querejeta
Jesús Castejón
Amparo Baró
Víctor Valdivia
Blanca Portillo
Enrique Villén
Ramón Barea
Lorena Vindel
Raúl Arévalo
Maribel Verdú
David Planell
Elías Querejeta
Pascal Gaigne
Ángel Iguacel
Gracia Querejeta
Seven Billiard Tables filming locations

Seven Billiard Tables film locations

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