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Ship of Fools

In a small town in Patagonia (Southern Argentina), a Mapuche Indian chief sets a tourist complex under construction on fire. He denies all attempts to defend himself. Locked up, he waits for the arrival of "Caleuche," the Ship (Nave) of Fools (de los locos), a mythical figure of his ancestral strength which "made" him start the fire. An appointed lawyer (a white woman) comes to the chief's defence, alleging the chief had acted in self-defense as the white man was building commercial structures on the sacred burial grounds of his ancestors, and continued doing so even after heated protests.
Ricardo Wullicher
Inés Estévez
Fernando Guillén
China Zorrilla
Miguel Ángel Solá
Marisa Paredes
Fernando Sokolowicz
Ricardo Wullicher
Ship of Fools filming locations

Ship of Fools film locations

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