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Something to Talk About

Grace King Bichon, who is managing her father's riding-stable, discovers that her husband Eddie is deceiving her with another woman. After confronting him in the middle of the night on the streets of their small home town, she decides to stay at her sister Emma Rae's house for a while to make up her mind. Breaking out of her everyday life, she starts to question the authority of everyone.
Lasse Hallström
Noreen Reardon
Gena Rowlands
Libby Whittemore
Haley Aull
Rhoda Griffis
Bennie L. Jenkins
Kirk Bair
Robert Duvall
Dennis Quaid
Marilea Butler
Kyra Sedgwick
J. Don Ferguson
Michael Flippo
Amy Parrish
Shannon Eubanks
Jamye Price
Angela Caito
Rebecca Koon
Brett Cullen
Punky Leonard
Muse Watson
Mary Nell Santacroce
Terrence Currier
Anne Shropshire
Julia Roberts
Beau Holden
Ginnie Randall
David Huddleston
Lisa Roberts Gillan
Rusty Hendrickson
Helen Baldwin
Deborah Hobart
Brinley Arden Vickers
Paula Weinstein
Sven Nykvist
Lasse Hallström
Callie Khouri
Nick Nelson
Mel Bourne
Sarah Mays
Marion Dougherty
Anthea Sylbert
Lynn Barber
Alma Kuttruff
Mia Goldman
Graham Preskett
Richard Dean
Hans Zimmer
William S. Beasley
Lyndell Quiyou
Rita Parillo
Roberta J. Holinko
Goldie Hawn
Aggie Guerard Rodgers
Something to Talk About filming locations

Something to Talk About film locations

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