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Strange Encounter

Tormented and scared girl escapes from being hit at night on a barren road. The driver rescues and shelters her in a mansion belonging to his mistress. Discovers that she is running away from a psychotic husband, and due to the gracious assistance, falls madly in love with her. When the caretaker of the mansion discovers a ransom offered for who find the young woman, he tells her whereabouts to the husband, who ruthlessly pursues their victim.
Mário Sérgio
Andrea Bayard
Luigi Picchi
Lola Brah
Sérgio Hingst
Rudolf Icsey
Pierino Massenzi
Lúcio Braun
Gabriel Migliori
Abilio Pereira de Almeida
Dagmar Khouri
Ernesto Hack
Walter Hugo Khouri
Jorge Pisani
Strange Encounter filming locations

Strange Encounter film locations

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