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Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is a collection of love stories about, and for, people of all different ages and generations. Each character's tale connects, weaving in and out of the others, mirroring and countering them so that, as the long hot summer draws to its close, each is forced to examine their lives and decide to whom their loyalties lie or else risk loosing everything they hold so dear.
Giles Foster
Björn Casapietra
Anna Maguire
Jacqueline Bisset
Morag Siller
Alastair Bruce
Honor Blackman
Martin Dingle Wall
Jan Niklas
Sinéad Cusack
Franco Nero
Jason Durr
Lara-Joy Körner
Rosamunde Pilcher
James Lapsley
Catherine Creed
Mécheal Taylor
Ben Meechan
David Cunliffe
John Goldsmith
Janice Macrae
Beth Charkham
Giles Foster
Stephen Sikder
Rikolt von Gagern
Verena von Heeremann
Rex Maidment
Ron Purdie
Richard Blackford
Summer Solstice filming locations

Summer Solstice film locations

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