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Taking Chances

When he discovers that an Indian casino is about to be built over the town's historic battlefield, Chase Revere, the self-appointed protector of a small town's rather meager place in American history, joins forces with sexy but dangerous town siren Lucy Shanks to launch an all-out offensive against the project - earning the wrath of the entire town.
Talmage Cooley
Nick Offerman
Vickie Eng
Tyler Long
Rob Corddry
Phil Reeves
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Robert Beltran
Kimberly Guerrero
Justin Long
David Jensen
Brandon Oakes
Missi Pyle
Keir O'Donnell
Jimmi Simpson
Brian Howe
Frederick Howard
Ernesto Solo
Jennifer L. Smith
Joe Klotz
Scott Glasgow
Yagmur Kaplan
Annie Nocenti
Tara Blume
Edward M. Steidele
Shane Valentino
Jeffree Bloomer
Sarah Payan
Kara B. Still
Lisa Mae Fincannon
Fred Norris
Steve Gainer
Tom Scully
Missy Berent Ricker
Sergio Reyes
Talmage Cooley
Taking Chances filming locations

Taking Chances film locations

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