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The Dancer and the Thief

Present day. Chile. Legendary bank robber Vergara Grey is getting out of prison after 5 long years and is looking forward to a quiet, uneventful life together with his wife and son whom oddly he hasn't heard from in years. But soon his resolve is tested when he meets 19 year old Angel a young thief who insists the two join up to score the biggest heist of all time. Though tempted, he resists until he finds out that his beloved wife has gone off with a millionaire and his son wants to change his last name. Then Victoria, a graceful and mysteriously mute dancer living in a conservatory, steps into the picture. She captivates Vergara and Angel, as well as all others that cross her path, drastically changing their lives.
Fernando Trueba
Miranda Bodenhöfer
Ricardo Darín
Casandra Day
Tamara Arevalos
Luis Gnecco
Nelson Polanco
Gerardo Orchard
Mario Guerra
Vanessa Monteiro
Gloria Münchmeyer
Catalina Saavedra
Mariana Loyola
Julio González Littin
Lía Maldonado
Luis Dubó
Patricio Andrade
Gregory Cohen
Sergio Monge
Oscar Zimmerman
Salvador Soto
Julio Jung
Alfredo Portuondo
Catalina Guerra
Rodrigo Lisboa
Sergio Hernández
Jaime Troncoso
Jesús Donoso
Marcia Haydée
Greta Nilsson
Abel Ayala
Eugenio Morales
Ariadna Gil
Cristina Peña y Lillo
Waldo Salgado
Antonio Skármeta
Eduardo Castro
Lala Huete
Julián Ledesma
Fernando Trueba
Verónica Astudillo
Pilar Zderich
María José Droguett
Jimena Rivano
Norma Angeleri
Carmen Frías
The Dancer and the Thief filming locations

The Dancer and the Thief film locations

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