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3 locations in Humahuaca and San Salvador de Jujuy

The Debt

The drama tells the story of an Argentine elementary-school teacher sent by the government to a rural hamlet located in the northwestern province of Jujuy. It shows how he touches the lives of the villagers, especially the young and impressionable boy Verónico, whose mother died and father left to seek work when he was an infant. The film is based on a non-fiction book written by Fortunato Ramos, a rural teacher in northwest Argentina, that discusses his teaching experiences.
Raúl Calles
Juana Daniela Cáceres
Ana María González
Leopoldo Abán
Luis Uceda
Adolfo Blois
Juan José Camero
Titina Gaspar
Leo Salgado
René Olaguivel
Guillermo Delgado
Juan Carlos Ocampo
Gonzalo Morales
Fortunato Ramos
Miguel Pereira
Jaime Torres
Gerry Feeny
Eduardo Leiva Muller
The Debt filming locations

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