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2 locations in Badalona and El Prat de Llobregat

The General

During America’s Civil War, Union spies steal engineer Johnny Gray's beloved locomotive, 'The General'—with Johnnie's lady love aboard an attached boxcar—and he single-handedly must do all in his power to both get The General back and to rescue Annabelle.
Clyde Bruckman
Al St. John
Hilliard Karr
Budd Fine
Tom Nawn
Ray Hanford
Marion Mack
Joe Keaton
Jack Hanlon
Elgin Lessley
Louis Lewyn
Charles Phillips
Frederick Vroom
Mike Donlin
Jim Farley
Jimmy Bryant
Frank Hagney
Eddie Foster
Harry Roselotte
Elmer Ellsworth
Earl Mohan
William Pittenger
Al Boasberg
Dal Clawson
Bert Haines
Harry Brand
Fred Gabourie
Joseph M. Schenck
Glen Cavender
Frank Barnes
Edward Hearn
Harry J. Wild
Devereaux Jennings
Sherman Kell
Charles Henry Smith
Byron Houck
Clyde Bruckman
Buster Keaton
Fred Carlton Ryle
The General filming locations

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