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The Moon-Spinners

Young English girl Nikky and her aunt arrive at the Moon-Spinners, a hotel on Crete, to a less than enthusiastic welcome. The coolness of the owner is only out-done by the surliness of her brother Stratos, recently back from London. But then there is nice English lad Mark to make friends with, at least until Stratos and his pal take a shot at him one night. When Nikky helps him hide she finds the Greeks are after her too.
James Neilson
Hayley Mills
Eli Wallach
John Le Mesurier
Peter McEnery
Joan Greenwood
Pola Negri
Paul Stassino
Sheila Hancock
André Morell
Irene Papas
Jonathan Bates
Harry Frampton
Michael Dyne
Mary Stewart
David Harcourt
James Neilson
Dudley Messenger
Paul Beeson
Anthony Mendleson
Gordon K. McCallum
Anthony Masters
Yvonne Axeworthy
Maude Spector
Gordon Stone
Ron Grainer
The Moon-Spinners filming locations

The Moon-Spinners film locations

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