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The Piano

A mute Scottish woman arrives in colonial New Zealand for an arranged marriage. Her husband refuses to move her beloved piano, giving it to neighbor George Baines, who agrees to return the piano in exchange for lessons. As desire swirls around the duo, the wilderness consumes the European enclave.
Jane Campion
Karen Colston
Tungia Baker
Rose McIver
Geneviève Lemon
Verity George
Pete Smith
Greg Mayor
Jon Sperry
Harvey Keitel
Eddie Campbell
Holly Hunter
Te Whatanui Skipwith
Bruce Allpress
Anna Paquin
Neil Gudsell
Cliff Curtis
Ian Mune
Stephen Papps
Kerry Walker
Sam Neill
Katherine James
Jane Campion
Gregory P. Keen
Veronika Jenet
Lee Smith
Stuart Dryburgh
Colin Englert
Janet Patterson
Sue Easdon
Jan Chapman
Andrew McAlpine
Robert Bruce
Georgina Gilbert
Victoria Hardy
Michael Nyman
Mark Turnbull
Alain Depardieu
Jackie Gilmore
Meryl Cronin
The Piano filming locations

The Piano film locations