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The Wrath of God

Set in the 1920s, several foreigners held by a South American military group are offered possible freedom if they accept to topple a local crazed military leader.
Victor Buono
Aurora Clavel
Frank Ramírez
Jorge Russek
José Luis Parades
Pancho Córdova
John Colicos
Robert Mitchum
Ken Hutchison
Gregory Sierra
Frank Langella
Guillermo Hernández
Rita Hayworth
Chano Urueta
Victor Eberg
Enrique Lucero
Paula Pritchett
Álex Phillips Jr.
Robert Watts
Theodore R. Parvin
William Kiernan
Ralph Nelson
Lalo Schifrin
Terry Leonard
Jack Higgins
The Wrath of God filming locations

The Wrath of God film locations

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