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4 locations in Cannes, Monaco and Nice

To Catch a Thief

An ex-thief is accused of enacting a new crime spree, so to clear his name he sets off to catch the new thief, who’s imitating his signature style.
David Dodge
Jean Martinelli
Fred Kelsey
William 'Wee Willie' Davis
Charles Vanel
Roland Lesaffre
Bernard Sell
René Blancard
Philip Van Zandt
Manuel París
Barry Norton
Gladys Holland
Georgette Anys
John Alderson
Brigitte Auber
Jessie Royce Landis
John Williams
Cary Grant
Charles Sherlock
Grace Kelly
Louis Mercier
George Boyce
Alberto Morin
Bess Flowers
John Michael Hayes
Alfred Hitchcock
Herbert Coleman
John Cope
Daniel McCauley
Arthur Krams
James Grant
Robert Burks
Hal Pereira
David Dodge
Edith Head
J. McMillan Johnson
Harold Lewis
Robert McCrellis
Ralph Axness
Elsie Foulstone
Lyn Murray
Ed Fitzharris
Bud Bashaw Jr.
Wally Westmore
George Tomasini
Claire Behnke
Sam Comer
Harry Ray
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