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To the Sea

Before leaving for Rome with his mother, five year old Natan is taken by his father, Jorge, on an epic journey to the pristine Chinchorro reef off the coast of Mexico. As they fish, swim, and sail the turquoise waters of the open sea, Natan discovers the beauty of his Mayan heritage and learns to live in harmony with life above and below the surface, as the bond between father and son grows stronger before their inevitable farewell.
Natan Machado Palombini
Roberta Palombini
Jorge Machado
Nestor Marin
Diego Benlliure Conover
Pedro González-Rubio
Luis Alberto Martinez
Héctor Ruíz
Raul Lunia
Manuel Carranza
Adrián Reynoso
Emmanuel Romero
Rodrigo Santoyo
Jaime Romandía
To the Sea filming locations

To the Sea film locations

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