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The role of Milagros (Esperanza Pedreño) is really very touching, creating a bond between the audience and the reality of the character and plot, on the other hand Rosario (Malena Alterio), his mother (Maria Alfonso Rosso), the first is all plot, also Morsa (Antonio De la Torre) is a ground for Rosario and makes the film a tragedy for life which ended in abiding by what comes. Each role has its own tragic history (the movie don't explore) but try to reflect the main characters from what happens with their surrounding environment To End, that is an existential search to find a place in a society that is not for everyone and understand that we are not alone in the world I like this movie, because is simple and leaves a good taste in the mouth.
Ángeles González-Sinde
Malena Alterio
Esperanza Pedreño
Ramiro Alonso
Antonio de la Torre
Ángeles González-Sinde
Elvira Lindo
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