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The Munns, father John and sons Chris and Tim, recede to the woods of rural Georgia. Their life together is forever changed with the arrival of Uncle Deel, though the tragedy that follows forces troubled Chris to become a man.
David Gordon Green
Terry Loughlin
Pat Healy
Damian Jewan Lee
Charles 'Jester' Poston
William D. Turner
Robert Longstreet
Bill McKinney
Mark Darby Robinson
Carlos DeLoach
Michael Bacall
Leigh Higginbotham
Anne Marie Dove
Eddie Rouse
Shiri Appleby
David Blazina
Kristen Stewart
Carla Bessey
Devon Alan
Jamie Bell
Alfred M. Jackson
Thelma Louise Carter
Dermot Mulroney
Patrice Johnson
Michael Gulick
Jesse Scott Nelson
H.G. Green
Josh Lucas
George Smith
Mali Finn
Dale Robinette
Philip Glass
Patricia Gorman
Alessandro Camon
John Schmidt
Jay Gallagher
Tim Orr
Larry Blake
Summer Eubanks
Christof Gebert
Richard A. Wright
Craig Zobel
Zene Baker
Saar Klein
Sophia Lin
Steven Gonzales
Jill Newell
Lisa Muskat
Karey Williams
Matt Coby
Edward R. Pressman
Cal Johnson
Joe Conway
Jane Rizzo
Terrence Malick
David Gordon Green
Mark Wike
Undertow filming locations

Undertow film locations

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