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Villa Amalia

Ann leaves Thomas and everything else behind when she catches him kissing another woman. With her music and help from Georges, she begins a journey to find herself.
Michelle Marquais
Viviana Aliberti
Jean-Hugues Anglade
Xavier Beauvois
Ignazio Oliva
Jean-Pierre Gos
Isabelle Huppert
Peter Arens
Clara Bindi
Maya Sansa
Luc Barnier
Jean-Marc Fröhle
Serge Hayat
Henri Maïkoff
Vincent Mauduit
François Musy
Bruno Coulais
Gabriel Hafner
Delphine Capossela
Benoît Jacquot
Caroline Champetier
Pascal Quignard
Katia Wyszkop
Édouard Weil
Conchita Airoldi
Anne Moralis
Leila Benbarka
Gérard Marcireau
Villa Amalia filming locations

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