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Warden of Red Rock

In 1910, John Flinders is warden of Red Rock Territorial Prison, in Arizona. When a condemned man's last request brings Flinders into contact with the man's widow, Flinders finds himself falling in love. Meanwhile, a new convict, Mike Sullivan, turns out to be an old friend of Flinders'. They talk over old times, but it's clear that Sullivan has plans to leave the prison before his time is up. When those plans come to pass, Flinders sets out to re-take his old pal.
Stephen Gyllenhaal
Jim Beaver
Roberto Medina
Julian Sedgwick
Michael Cavanaugh
Dave Galasso
Gregory Cruz
Rachel Ticotin
Sergio Calderón
Ricardo Cárdenas
Billy Rieck
Jorge Zárate
Mark Metcalf
James Caan
Mark Burnham
Raúl Méndez
Lloyd Lowe Jr.
David Carradine
Roger Cudney
Kirk Baltz
Manuel Sevilla
Mark Shultz
Michael Harney
Andres Weiss
Gisela Sánchez
Pedro Damián
Alejandro Sosa
Paul Freeman
Héctor López
Brian Dennehy
Beth Klein
James Lee Barrett
Josefina Mendoza
Richard Halsey
Raúl Sarmiento
Pia Corti
Michel Colombier
Henner Hofmann
Patricia Clifford
Mayes C. Rubeo
Stephen Gyllenhaal
Suzanne Lauer-Maltby
Sylvia Fernández
Charles Dwight Lee
Jesus Buenrostro
Warden of Red Rock filming locations

Warden of Red Rock film locations

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