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Design Canada (2018)


Through the lens of graphic design, “Design Canada” follows the transformation of a nation from a colonial outpost to a vibrant and multicultural society. What defines a national identity, is it an anthem? A flag? Is it a logo or icon? How do these elements shape who we are? In the 1960s and 1970s, these questions were answered by an innovative group of Canadian designers, who used design to unify the nation.
Hunter Tura
Massimo Vignelli
Hans Kleefeld
Diti Katona
Pierre-Yves Pelletier
Heather Cooper
Allan Fleming
Marian Bantjes
Burton Kramer
Douglas Coupland
Stuart Ash
George Stroumboulopoulos
Rolf Harder
Fritz Gottschalk
Raymond Bellemare
Hannah Sung
Ben Johnson
Mike Rocha
Greg Durrell
Kim Hsu Guise
Chris Romeike
Jessica Edwards
Blair Miller
Toby Hulse
Nick Bedell
Gary Hustwit
Bo Mehrad
Mark Lazeski
Jonas Woost
Alexander Shoukas
Ben Hulse
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